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Games to improve your brain power
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Brain games

Don’t waste your time! Play only helpful games.
This collection of games is the most helpful for your brain. Each of them is designed to improve a special part of the brain!
Improve your brain with pleasure!

Flow Monster Free


Fans of puzzles obviously will not remain indifferent to this game. You should not look at superficial simplicity, after all the further you pass the game, the more difficult and more interesting it becomes. The free supplement includes thousands of various levels with different complexity and a set of options of passing. Variability is a bargaining chip of this puzzle. 
In order to pass the levels it is required to connect one point to other point of the same color. Multi-colored streams formed thus shouldn't be crossed anywhere. The very first levels rather simple and it is possible to pass them purely intuitively. But here further obviously it is necessary to think over.

 Numbers puzzle - school game 


At first sight it is a very simple game. But it is only at first sight. Actually it is very fascinating software which will force even the most erudite people to think over strongly. Millions of users all over the world break their heads over numerical puzzles in the game. You should also join them! 

The purpose of the game consists in exempting all field from numbers. For this purpose it is necessary to find two identical numbers, or couple which sum is equal to 10.

The excellent graphics, the convenient and clear interface, and certainly fascinating gameplay output at once this software in the top of leaders. Your result doesn't remain unnoticed. The Game Center service will show the table of the players who have gathered bigger quantity of points.
Everyone who has a personal computer is familiar with this game. The game "Minesweeper" is one of the most popular and even cult timekillers. Once having appeared as standard game on Windows OS, it became the real symbol of its time. Many and many hours were spent by our parents, neutralizing virtual mines in off-duty time. Popularity of the game hadn't passed even today, as good puzzles are loved by everyone. 

The rules are very simple: it is necessary to open all cells in the field where there is no mines. Having pressed on a cell, there is a number on it, which shows the quantity of near located mined cells. If to get on the mined cell - there will be an explosion, which mean the end of the game. Mined, according to the player,cells should be noted by tags. There are three levels of complexity provided in the game. 

And of course our software is urged to awaken spirit of a competitive in players. With the help of the Game Center service connected to "Minesweeper" it is possible to get access to the tables of the best players, who have gathered bigger quantity of points. It is possible to compete not only with the friends, but also with other players. It is proved that enjoying game process leads to the logical memory develops.
Two amusing alien scientists - sons of more perfect and reasonable civilization - were set by dispute, whose power source will appear more technologically. Over their planet threat a hung, and it is necessary to find a powerful power source. You should help one of them with this small step-by-step game. Complete control over resources of a subatomic matter will lead to a victory of one, and respectively to defeat of another. The destiny of the whole race of amusing beings is in your hands! 

The rules are the following: it is needed to fill all field with particles of a matter of one color. After pressing a particle it takes the necessary color. But be accurater! If a particle is disturbed too much it becomes the extremely unstable, and with an explosion it paints all others in a particle radius in the color of the last who touched it. Competition happens in a step-by-step mode. Due to such simple tactics it is also possible to reach a victory having taken as much as possible particles. 

Game allows to compete not only with the computer, but also with friend directly on one device. It is possible to prove who is here more logical and erudite by showing the results which are fixes in the Game Center service. Sons of the Galaxy look at you! Don't let aliens down!
This game is a free adaptation of a school game in points. It is game which was very popular entertainment for pupils of the last twentieth century. Its source lies in the manumission and incorrect treatment of the ancient Chinese game "go". In order to win you should surround a point of your opponent with your own points. In this case the frog who for any unknown reasons intends to run away from a field acts as a point. 

Progress inevitably comes from all directions, and games from paper fields flowed into a digital subsoil of modern devices — on smartphones and tablets. However, the fashion on the game in points didn't vanish anywhere. Only now this is a digital entertainment. As well as any qualitative software this one has an integration with the social Game Center services, where it is possible to show the results to other players.
Peg Solitaire is a digital variation of a classical board game, which was very popular between the French and British nobility at the end of the 17th century. The first mentions say that game was popularized in Europe by Louis XIV — the king of France. At infinite balls and parties he carried away his notable guests with various entertainments which were brought from all corners of the world. Among these games there was also Solitaire.

The rules of the game are extremely simple. Board with a certain number of deepenings is filled with balls. However, one deepening is left empty. The purpose is that there is only one ball left in the field. For this purpose it is necessary to rearrange balls one over another in empty deepenings. The principle is practically as in checkers — if one figure steps over another, this figure "eats" it.

In a classical mode there are 4 different options of boards with different number of deepenings. Developers added to classical some more modes that make game much more various. Together with attractive graphics and an unostentatious soundtrack, Peg Solitaire Pack becomes anywhere a pleasant pastime. And after all it is possible to play together with another person, performing turns in course!
Two fleet met in deadly opposition. Only prudent mind and tactical skills of one of admirals become pledge of an unconditional victory. Thus, the ships conduct attack blindly, actually feeling all water area by means of shells. Such conditions create a practical boundless scope for tactics.

This is the acquaintance from the childhood to all of us since the game, which is called "Sea battle". For the first time this game appeared in paper form in the 30th years of last century - since then it is considered one of the most popular, and it is also the same this day. We assure, even your parents, when they studied at school, secretly from their teachers and directly at lessons, played in this, if it is possible to say, very first wargame. There also was a fantastic feature film on this legendary game filmed, where the situation was shown, at which opponents don't see each other.

Now the ageless classics is realized in a new way, and for new mobile platforms. Rules are simple and ideal at the same time. On a game field each of players has the ships — from terrible battle ships to small boats. Then everyone in turn fires across the field of the opponent, clicking on the corresponding cages. The victory is won by the one who will sink the last ship of the enemy.

And if the artificial intelligence bored it is possible to compete with other players by means of built in the Game Center software to compare statistics of fights.

On a game field each of players has the ships. Across the field of the opponent it is fired in turn and in the blind. Victory will be given for that who will sink all ships of the opponent.
Who from us wasn't interested in Sudoku for a long time? Once in the middle of two-thousands the puzzle suddenly became the wide popularity. Admirers of this puzzle still compete in the speed of filling of familiar 9x9 sections with the right figures. Today there is no respecting himself newspaper or magazine managed without Sudoku. And there are a lot of books with a selection of the most interesting options of Sudoku.

The popularity hadn't still left, only now it flowed in a more perfect, digital format. It is possible to enjoy favourite game on uncompromisingly convenient devices from Apple. This small software will give a great pleasure anywhere — in the train, bus or at summer cottage. Time will imperceptibly fly, and the brain will receive a food for thought. After all, the useful pastime is the best.

Thousands of puzzles on your palm in a one small software. To Sudoku had never looked so beautifully: a visual interface is sustained stylishly, animation smooth and doesn't hurt the eyes. The set of new functions and modes do the replayability of the software almost infinite. Complexity of levels increases with a game process. ▻Sudoku is one of the most popular softwares on iOS.





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